Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pine-sol and the Rug Doctor?

My landlord lady rented a 'Rug Doctor' from the local grocery store.... She then bough a bottle of Pine-Sol to use in the 'Rug Doctor' instead of the carpit cleaning solution (beccause she is cheap)...

I have used a 'Rug Doctor' before... never with Pine-Sol..

My questions are... won't the Pine-Sol ruin the carpit? I hate the smell of Pine-Sol, will the carpit smell like the Pine-Sol forever then? Will the Pine-Sol ruin the 'Rug Doctor'?


Pine-sol and the Rug Doctor?
I don't suppose it will hurt the machine but might hurt the carpet better solution to cleaning is pouring in two cups of White Vinegar in the cleaning solution tank and just add the hot water carpets come out clean and fresh, never heard of using Pinesol as a rug cleaner sounds terrible I too hate the smell of Pinesol but if she prefers and knows it won't hurt her carpet then you should honor her wishes

This product is not recommended for use on wood, wall-to-wall carpet or with any other household chemicals.

Good Luck !
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Reply:I don't think I would use the pine sol. Maybe use some vinegar (the smell will go away after it dries) and then use something like Resolve or 409 carpet cleaner that you can spray on and vacuum to give the carpet a fresher smell........I don't know, but I just can't imagine using pine sol because I think it would leave some sort of residue in the carpet even if you rinsed it with clear water several times.

As far as ruining the Rug Doctor, I doubt it, but I don't think I would want to be the one to find out. Maybe you should put a little bowl of pine sol out where the landlady can smell it and just tell her you used it, then toss it after she leaves.
Reply:Don't use the pine sol if you hate the smell of it. I've used things in them other than the Rug Doctor cleaners, but I don't think you're really supposed to. They are expensive. Since pine sol isn't meant for carpets, it might not be the best. I've used a bit of oxy clean with them before (worked great on the stains). I've tried vinegar in them--not the best smell either though. Maybe you could use just a touch of laundry detergent. Whatever you use, just make sure you don't put too much in because it will leave a residue. (I did that with the oxy clean and had to rinse with plain water twice to get it out.)

(edit) You should still use the anti-foam product where it says to. I think it can ruin the rug doctor if it gets too foamy in there. I've always still used the anti-foam no matter which cleaner I used with it. Do you think she'd splurge for it? If it should happen to break the machine, who will be responsible? Her because she rented it, or you because you used it?
Reply:I wouldn*t worry about being responsible for the rug machine since she had to sign for it when she rented it.

As for the carpet cleaning itself, I hate Pine Sol too it smells like outdoor toilets, but the new Pine Sol citrus is great.

I also wouldN*t worry about Pine Sol ruining the carpets since she told you to do it, just have her put it in writing that you won*t be responsible for any carpet damage (tell her a lawyer told you this) maybe she is too old or frail do push the machine around; I myself use ammonia in a steam cleaning machine (I have my own) and just use the anti foam stuff.
Reply:DO NOT USE PINE SOL IN THE RUG DOCTOR: IT WILL RUIN THE MACHINE AND YOUR CARPETS. U NEED TO USE THE RIGHT STUFF FOR THE RUG DOCTOR MADE ESPECIALLY FOR THE CARPETS AND FOR THE MACHINE. U need to tell the land lord that if she wants to use the pinesol on your carpets she needs to do it herself and let her be responsible, cause if u do it and ruin the carpets u are responsible. If she is so cheap not to have the carpets cleaned then she needs to be the one to clean them herself and dont i repeat dont use pinesol in the rug doctor or the carpets and the machine are ruined. take care and i hope this helps...
Reply:do not use pinesol in the machine..its not going to clean your carpets as well and yes it may just ruin them..making them sticky..and if it does..it will be your fault when you move out.

buy the shampoo..even a generic brand if you wish..and when she comes to return the rug doctor...give her the receipt


  1. used on Pine Sol on everything from cleaning HVAC coils (almost concentrated only enough water to thin it out) and using it on carpets. If you mix it right it works wonders on carpets. If you don't like the smell of regular Pine Sol use the lemon sent. I recommend it cause it does work and epically if you are house training a puppy.

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