Friday, May 21, 2010

Can dogs eat pine nuts?

My Dachshunds have been eating the pine nuts that fall out of our pine tree. Are these safe for dogs to eat? The male dog in particular has put on weight lately and i think it must be from eating the nuts. Its hard to stop as the tree is huge and the nuts are always falling, so its impossible to clear them up before they get eaten when my husband and i are at work. Any suggestions?

Can dogs eat pine nuts?
I don't think it is serious but you might want to get them to stop by blocking the area or something of that nature. I really doubt that the weight gain is because of that. I have a huge tree in my yard too and I know it may be hard to block the area but if you have big fears about it I would try my best. Good luck and Happy Holidays!
Reply:Are you sure he's swallowing them? I'm asking cause I thought my dog ate them as well but when I paid more attention I noticed he only chew them up in little pieces then he spits them out.

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