Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pine Tree Sap?

I have several large pine trees in my front yard, and the sap from them is always getting on my skin and clothes. Any good ideas on how to get it off of my skin/clothes?

Pine Tree Sap?
First, it may not be possible to remove the sap from all fabrics. I'd suggest staying away from the trees in anything other than working in the garden type clothing. You can try degreasing cleaners to treat the areas before washing the clothing. Use warm water not hot. Don't wash clothes that don't already have sap on them with the ones that do. Skin is easier to clean. Try using hand cleaners sold to remove auto grease, products like GoJo or Goop. Zep makes a hand cleaner we keep next to the kitchen sink. It's a heavy duty hand cleaner with pumice. It's a liquid, which I reccomend over the old Lava bar because it's less like scouring off a layer of skin. You do NOT want to get any of these products in an open cut on your skin, it'll burn like hell.
Reply:Tree Sap Removal from Clothing

To get tree sap off clothing try Goof Off (or a product similar to that), or WD40. Spray the product on the stain, rub in, then launder as usual. For a homemade treatment, try using mayonnaise in a similar fashion.

Good luck!!....:)
Reply:Simple hand santizer in the little bottles takes pine sap off your hands, it might even work on your clothes.

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