Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pine needles have vitamin C?

I one heard somewhere, or read somewhere that pine needles have a lot of vitamin C in them. So I was thinking if you boiled them in water you, would you have a drink that was high in vitamin c? I searched this on google awhile ago and turned up nothing.

Pine needles have vitamin C?
I saw that on a TV show last night! Yes, he boiled pine needles and made a tea. He said had more "C" than orange juice. Don't know how it would taste, tho'!
Reply:Yes. That's right. I just saw that episode last night. The show is Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel. He ate pine needles right off the tree. Report It

Reply:You can definitely drink that . Pine needle tea used to be used to prevent scurvy. It tastes very acidic though. I tried it once when I was younger, it isn't bad but very tart.

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  1. My son makes the tea and adds rosemary, licorice bark and some honey. It's delicious