Friday, May 21, 2010

Is living world pine shavings ok for hamsters?

ok i went to marta's pet shop and we bought a hamster cage and then she got everything else out for us and she got pine shavings out and i havent used it yet cause i dont have the hamster yet but is that brand ok or is all pine shavings bad for hamsters

Is living world pine shavings ok for hamsters?
Shavings are alright for the hamster but they can make a real mess and some people say the dust content is not good for their little lungs.I was told by the pet store to use a produce called Yesterdays News which is designed for litter boxes it is wonderful and makes clean out so much easier and less hassle.It comes in little pellets and soaks up the pee without smelling.

Good luck.
Reply:like other small rodents , Hamsters can be allergic to wood shavings from pine trees, so it is better to avoid using any kind of them for ur hamster. shavings of fruit trees are safe.
Reply:NO!!! Get something called Carefresh
Reply:Pine and cedar shavings are terrible for all small animals, the oils in the wood will make you pet sick, not to metion the amount of dust it contains.
Reply:As a general rule pine shavings are not supposed to be good. I would recommend Yesterdays News. It absorbs really really well, looks nice and its safe.
Reply:Carefresh is better my other hamster died from pine. Cedar is also bad.
Reply:Pine shaving and cedar shaving are always bad. They can contain oils and mights that will harm your pet. Try carefresh, or yesterday's news litter.
Reply:I would strongly advise you not to use them. The shavings emit odors that can cause upper respiratory problems. Aspen bedding is a good,cheap way to go.

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