Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pine Sol ruin my life?

Im 15 and i wanted to commit suicide so i drank some pine sol. Obviously it didn't work -_- but for the past couple of days its like im brain dead.. I can't think at all, or make out easy answers that i normally would be able to answer.

I forget whats going on and zone out completely almost every

second. I really want to die more than ever now, because i hate not feeling real. please someone tell me how to make this go away..

*also today my eye is really red and swolen and people are

asking me if i got punched in the face.. does this have anything

to do with it???

P.S. Im in school so please answer this while im on...

Pine Sol ruin my life?
You need to go see a doctor. Seriously, take care of yourself. It'll be worth it. Even though times are tough right now, your getting a second chance at life and you'll be happy about it later. I suggest going to a physician for the pinesol and then psychoterapy. take care of yourself honey. it's worth it.
Reply:Nah, youll get better, but please just talk to a doctor about much did you drink? alot? you can email me if you want... Report It

Reply:Get off the computer and go see your school counselor ASAP. Tell your school counselor everything and he/she can help you through this and help you get the help you need.
Reply:i agree, get off the computer and go see the counselor. you need medical attention, first to deal with what the pine sol did to you, and then to help you through whatever made you drink it in the first place.
Reply:You need to talk to a professional right away.
Reply:You need to detox your body. Drink plenty of fluids. Contact poision control. That stuff can kill you!Have you seen a doctor? Told your parents or someone you trust? try drinking mangosteen juice. It will help with the depression. Or st johns Wart will help with depression also.

You really do not want to die. I will talk to you if you need a friend or a listening ear. Killing yourself is selfish and is really not the easy way out of your problems. Killing yourself will be the beginning of a new hell! Feel free to email me and i will give you my number.
Reply:go tell the school nurse.
Reply:Corruptme you are wrong to try to takeyour life.Thisis a sin. You must have to ask God to forgive you of this attempt. Secondly, you have got to surrender your life to Jesus Christ. He died for your sins on the cross and shedded his precious blood to free your sins including this action to commit suicide. It was a deadly action but God is interested in your life thats why you are still alive to seek help. Repent and you will be saved ( read these bible passages - Romans chapter3:23 to 26;Chapter 5:6 to 15;chapter 6: 23; chapter 10:9; Matthew 3:2). Medically, take coconut water if available or drink raw milk or any edible oil or please consult a physician or doctorvery fast. God bless you.


  1. To those people who say it will get better ... when exactly does it get better??? I FAILED a suicide attempt 2 yrs ago. The only thing that has stopped me from trying again is the aftermath of the failure. Sort of like when u first have a baby, the pain is so great you swear you'll never have another baby. But then the pain subsides and u try again. I'm just waiting for the memories of the emt voices booming in my ears, the poking of needles, the glances of those thinking I'm crazy (it's not craziness, it's pain), the beeping of the machines keeping me alive when that's the last thing I want. It will all subside and I will make sure I don't fail again!

    1. And in case you're wondering ... this comment is after years of intense therapy AND medication. Yes, I have tried to help myself!!!