Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pine Tree Spiders?

I live in the mountains and i keep finding this same kind of spider at my house. Ranging in sizes. Biggest one i have found was about the size of a quarter. Anyways, i asked the pest control guy and he couldn't think of the name right off the back, but he said they are found mainly around pine trees, which i am completely surrounded by. It has red and white speckled legs, and some kind of horn looking things comming off it's back. Not really big ones but only thing i can think of to describe. Anyone know a website or anything about these things? Appreciate it!!

Pine Tree Spiders?
Spiders and bats are unfairly treated as scary pests, when they both do a great job of munching on other more harmful insects.
Reply:Thats the 'common girl eating spider' watch out they can jump too.
Reply:Heres a great site. I am still searching! I hate spiders!!!!

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