Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pine cat litter as Mulch?

My cat uses Feline Pine scoopable litter, %26amp; I've heard that when it's ready to be tossed, you can use it as mulch in the garden.

#1: Will the residual urine kill or harm my plants?

#2: Because it's the scoopable clumping kind, will that prevent it from being "mulchable"?

Pine cat litter as Mulch?
Hi there...many gardeners do use some of the biodegradable litters such as Feline Pine as mulch. It's best used for plants that are not for food consumption such as fruits and vegetables, etc.

Feline Pine product info which includes that's it's safe for mulch use:
Reply:I wouldn't use "used" kitty litter on my plants because cat urine has a lot of ammonia in it.

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