Sunday, May 16, 2010

Need help with getting pine needles out of gravel?

What is the easiest way to do this about half of my back yard is covered with things like pine needles.I have tried raking it and it didnt work.Then i turned around and used a leaf blower still no progress.(only destroyed landscaping of gravel on yard).I have tried flooding the gravel area.Still no progress.I am all out of ideas.

Need help with getting pine needles out of gravel?
This is like trying to remove fly poop from black pepper. Almost impossible.
Reply:Use a shop vac that has a screen or wide mesh attached at the end of the hose that is smaller than the gravel.
Reply:some kind of screen that you can stain the gravel
Reply:Don't use a blower use a shop vac.
Reply:set it on fire
Reply:Yard Vac
Reply:I would use a propane torch (less than $20)

You can walk around and set the needles on fire in a controlled manner, small areas at a time.

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