Friday, November 13, 2009

Is Pine-Sol safe on dishes?

Is pine sol safe on dishes?

I have an aunt who is visiting my sister, and my sister called up this morning to tell me how upset she is because our aunt loves doing the dishes with pine sol. My sister has always used liquid dish detergent and a bit of bleach but it seems that our aunt has taken over and everytime my sister tells her she doesn't like it our aunt just ignores her and does it her way anyway. I really don't think this is right, i mean i am sure pine-sol will leave a residue on the dishes that can then be very harmfull to us. Am i wrong?

Is Pine-Sol safe on dishes?
I would never use that on dishes! That could make someone really sick!
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Reply:You are not wrong, that can be very dangerous and fatal! Tell you aunt to stop doing that.

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